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Sell To Us Vs. Listing With An Agent

So what’s the difference between selling with an agent and selling to us?

Overall…everything! One way requires lots of work and money upfront and can lead to uncertainty and time delays – and the other offers a fast, confidential and easy solution where you can be sure its going to sell.

Here’s the main difference…

Whether your land is in a buyer or seller’s market, you always have options when you’re ready to sell. Selling directly can help you reach your real estate goals, without the costs and hassles of an agency. An agent might promise you a higher (and often overinflated) price, but there are no guarantees you will sell nor get that price.

The Price We Offer Is The Price You Get

It’s Really That Simple.

Give us a few short details so that we can get to work on writing you an offer. It is completely FREE and there are NO OBLIGATIONS, so you have nothing to lose.

No Realtors. No Commissions. No Fees. No Repairs. No BS.

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