Land buyers in the UK – Top tips on how to find them

If you have vacant land in the UK you want to sell, then it’s likely you already know there are lots of buyers for land with a house already on it, and less so for raw land. So, you’re probably searching for those specific people, which can be hard. But they are there. And we’ve got some tips on how to find buyers looking for vacant land in the UK.

Skip the estate agent; sell directly to land buyers
Know what your land is good for
Take good pictures of your land
Consider accepting seller financing

Sell Your Land For Cash

Tip #1. Know what your land is good for

There are many different kinds of land buyers out there and if you can figure out which ones you want to target, you might have more success finding a buyer.

Some different types of buyers are:

  •     Land buyers who want land because they intend to build a house for themselves.
  •     Land buyers who are looking for recreational land where they can perhaps enjoy hunting and fishing at the weekends.
  •     Land buyers who want to buy the property and hold it until a future point when it can be developed or to see if they can sell it for more down the line. 
  •     Land buyers who want to buy the property/ land so they can develop it and divide It up to sell in small pieces to builders or other developers. 

*You can find out more information about different types of land buyers here at Landco.

If you can figure out what your land might be good for – and it could be more than one of these options, or something different entirely – then you can use it to help find the right buyers for you.

You can contact them directly and see if they’re interested. It might be they didn’t know your land was on the market or that your land is exactly what they didn’t know they were looking for. 

You can market directly to those buyers. Find out how they usually buy land and where they find it, and list it there. 

Tip #2. Skip the estate agent; sell directly to land buyers

An estate agent will try to list your land for you, but the reality is, land doesn’t sell the same way that a developed lot sells. There are a lot of agents out there that don’t particularly know how to sell vacant land and there are land owners out there who find that their land sits on the market for a long time for exactly that reason.

Estate agents typically sell land that has a house on it. (So, if you did want to use an agent, find one that knows how to sell vacant land.)

If you’ve already tried using an estate agent and your land has been on the market for a while, or you’d just prefer not to use one, you could sell it to a company that buys land, like us here at SM Land Buyers. 

A land buying company will give you a quick offer. Give us a call to find out more. And don’t worry, there’s no obligation to take the offer. You could just be checking out your options, we know that and we’re totally fine with that too. We’ve got offices perfectly situated to sell land all across the UK.

Tip #3. Take good pictures of your land

Land buyers don’t always travel to see land like you would when viewing a house, but they of course still want to see it, so taking good pictures of your land could be make or break for you. 

A buyer would need to be able to see what opportunities exist from photos, so taking them looking at your land in every direction and showing neighbouring land could be helpful. If there is development nearby, such as a growing urban area or even just a new road being built, take pictures of that too so the buyer knows.

Tip #4. Consider accepting seller financing

Some land owners want all the money up-front or they might have a financial need for it to be paid upfront. However, that’s not always the case. And if you’re one of those people, you might want to consider taking some money up-front and financing the rest. You might benefit from some cash flow later on, and if so, it’s definitely worth considering financing a land buyer who’s interested in buying from you.

Did you know that we buy vacant land? 

If you want to skip the hard work and hassle of trying to sell your land and just sell your land with one phone call, then give SM Land Buyers a call. Call Us! 0191 369 2313

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